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When someone I knew started experiencing hearing loss, their audiologist wanted to charge nearly $6,000 for a pair of hearing devices, and they simply couldn't afford it. At that time I knew something was wrong. I did more research and found that over the years, the average cost of a pair of hearing amplifier was more than US$4,600, even though the cost of manufacturing them was less than US$100! This is why we made Onebridge hearing aids. Eliminate audiologists, hearing centers, sales representatives and other middlemen, and provide our customers with the highest quality hearing aids directly from the factory at the lowest price in the market.


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So far so good!
These hearing devices work better than the ones I had to take out a loan to purchase in the past! The different noise-reduction modes are perfect for my job where noise levels can rapidly increase and decrease. Since they are rechargeable and last for several days without a charge, I no longer have to hunt for the weird-sized batteries that come in hearing aids!
Mark H.
Great Buy!
Got hearing aids today for my grandfather. He is so happy with the sound quality. He is saying that this product is very comfortable and very easy to use. Will recommend to everyone.
Patrick Q.
Absolutely Wonderful!
I bought these for my mom for her birthday, and they are absolutely wonderful. Of course I had to try them out to make sure they work and she’ll be able to hear. Let me tell y’all, you can hear the lowest whisper. Like don’t think you’re going to get away with anything, cause you can hear real good!! Even in the noisiest room and outdoors, you can hear. I’m so glad I got these for her.
Nathalie N.
Well made and Clear Sound
Great product! We had previously ordered a different brand one for my grandmother in-law and it broke within an hour. Upon opening the box, I can immediately tell that this pair is quality-made and will last. Grandmother says sound is crisp and clear and the unit is comfortable to wear for long periods.
Troy S.
Happiness is!!

Happiness is!!

Unbelievable hearing amplifiers for the price. My $1500 hearing aids died and I took a chance on Onebridge devices several months ago and loved them, but when I saw these with the charging port and the smaller amplifier size I decided to upgrade to these. They are wonderful, charging is a breeze, size is great, love the assortment of ear buds they provided! Sound quality is wonderful with variable sound filtering and the wide volume range. (My husband has claimed my previous pair and is very happy with them also). If allowed-I would rate this product a 10!!!!!
Great hearing aid set!
I already had an hearing aid from the same brand. I decided to try this one. It comes nicely packaged in sealed bags. It is much smaller than the one I had and work even better. Very easy to adjust and is provided with many ear domes. I really like the charging base as it is easier to handle than for the past unit I have which requires to connect a cable. The battery charge last longer too. There are 2 modes, 1 for high frequency and 1 for flat. I also noticed that this model has some noise cancelation feature and is let sensitive to the wind which is great. Overall a very good product for a such price. No need to spend thousands of dollars like I did in the past to get a decent hearing aid. Customer service is awesome too.
Superb in every way!
I can wholeheartedly recommend these devices and rate five stars in every category. I’m quite critical when providing ratings, however, I believe these devices as well as the vender are superb in every way. Thank you
At age 78 with the coaxing of my wife, I finally came to the realization I needed help with my hearing ability. I did extensive research gathering information and contacted different hearing aid specialists. I became overwhelmed by the sheer number of hearing devices available along with prices ranging up to several thousand dollars. Due to budget constraints my choices became more limited. After reading all the five star ratings for this newly offered technically superior hearing amplifier set I decided to take the risk. I am so glad I did because I definitely lucked out with my purchase of this hearing amplifier set. It has definitely made it easier for me to hear conversations without always having to say, pardon me would you mind repeating that. With the easily understood instruction manual set-up was a breeze. The multiple accessories provided makes the set adaptable to the needs of virtually everyone. I have no negative issues to mention regarding this product. Also, I can personally attest to the outstanding customer service provided by onebridge as they quickly responded to and addressed in a positive manner a concern I had.
Small, discrete, powerful, and AFFORDABLE.
The fit of the devices are better than all I have had in the past. They are so discrete, I don't catch people looking at me and then at my ears to see what's there. Just check out the photo. The charging unit is not big and bulky and fits nicely on my nightstand. Look at the photo. They charge quickly and last a very long time. I wanted to see how long they would go without charging and they lasted over two days. I was not familiar with onebridge products, but will not hesitate using their products in the future. The great warranty, the many accompanying accessories, and the performance of the product will quickly be appreciated by those that purchase these very good devices. Don't wait, order now, and in a few short days you'll be enjoying your new, high quality devices. And to the folks at onebridge, THANKS!
Nancy in Idaho
Works well if you have limited hearing issues.
This is a great value if you have some hearing loss, not profound hearing loss. I mostly have trouble hearing people speaking and these devices work well for that. Using them is very simple and I love being able not to use batteries. So far, I have no issues. In my opinion, they work as well for me as did my $5000 pair of onebridge hearing aids. That said, you need to know what you need in advance. There are so many choices, it is difficult to decide. But I am very happy with my selection.
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