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Being the best amazon seller hear amplifier 2020-2021, OneBridge provides 60 days’ money back guarantee, along with 1-year warranty. Currently we have over 500,000 happy users. We provide premium hearing experience with free and fast shipping.



W3 hearing Aids


Nancy Murphy

I bought these for my 93 year old mother who is VERY hard of hearing. She could not afford the expensive hearing aids. Previously I bought some earbud syle. They did not fit properly and kept falling out. With these, I was able to fit her ears with the many size domes they send along. My mother's hearing was greatly improved with these hearing aids. Now I am able to have actual conversations with her! The charging box was very easy to use. I would recommend this product.


W3 hearing Aids

No more yelling!

D. Pensak

I purchased these hearing aids for my partner as I was so very frustrated trying to hold a conversation with him. I was a little concerned as he insisted that he could hear everything I said! Upon opening them on Christmas morning, he was not at all impressed or excited. Two days later, he appeared with them in and was so excited saying, " I can't believe how much I can hear!" I breathed a sigh of relief and of course was very, very happy as was he. Was a good Christmas!


J307 hearing Aids

Easy to use, comfort, sound quality

Tim Meyer

I have tried several different hearing aids. These are easy to use. Comfortable & the sound quality is is the best out of all that I have tried. The price was reasonable for the pair. I would buy again.


D59C hearing Aids

Improved hearing greatly!

Phil Lowe

Easy to use , comfortable and good quality!


J707 hearing Aids

Just buy these!!

Lynda R. Smith

Fantastic hearing aids. My husband has moderate hearing loss and these work great. Charge lasts all day and he can hear again!! They are a wee bit picky about fitting in the charger but once you get them in correctly they charge perfectly. Oops he lost one one his $5000.00 hearing aids so this is why we were looking. These are perfect and a great price!! So glad we bought them.


A39 Hearing Aids

Good quality and easy to adjust

Michael H.

"The first day I wore them amazing things happened! I could hear the timer beep on the microwave, and hear every word my daughter-in-law said (first time in 16 years)"


GM902 Hearing Aids

Best sound quality And comfort

Gary V.

Price is unbeatable and the quality is actually pretty good. I have used super expensive hearing aids and they really are not worth thousands more. These work just as well for me.


GM25 hearing Aids



I feel like I got ripped off with my former hearing aids. The sound quality is stunning!! I no longer feel like I'm hearing thorough a drum. There's virtually no feedback when they are next to or pressed against anything!! they are so comfortable I forget I have them on and I nearly cried when I felt like I was TRULY hearing for the first time. They are so simple and easy to use!! They are amazing!!


GM902 hearing Aids

Decent sound and very comfortable


I've been testing different hearing aids/amplifiers to see what works best for me. Admittedly, in ear style seem to work a little better, but I have issues wearing those and similar earbuds, they fall out of my ear no matter what kind of earbud tips I use. These stay in very well and rest comfortably behind my ear. The sound quality is very good and have helped me tremendously. I didn't realize how bad my hearing had been my entire life until I started wearing these regularly.

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