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How To Choose The Right Hearing Aids

If you need to purchase new hearing aids or amplifiers, it can sometimes be challenging to select the right ones. Today we’re going to share with you our guide to selecting the best hearing aids to support your hearing this year. Keep reading as we discuss what to look out for when choosing between the various designs and features on the market today.

 The Different Styles of Hearing Aids

As you no doubt know, hearing aids come in different shapes and sizes. It’s all about finding the right option for your personal style. The most traditional style of hearing aid is the behind-the-ear hearing aid, but these are slowly becoming less popular due to their size. They are suitable for all types of hearing loss, and you’ll find there are a variety of styles on offer as well. However, they do pick up quite a bit of wind noise with some models, which can be very disorientating and frustrating.

 Personally, we highly recommend opting for sleeker and smaller hearing aids, such as the EV1 and EV3. These are completely in the canal hearing aids, which disappear into your ear canal once you put them in. No one will know you are wearing them, giving you the confidence boost you need while also improving your hearing. They are sleek and small and sit discreetly in place without any fear of them dropping out. They drown out any background noise in noisy settings and work to amplify speech so you can hear clearly the conversation you are a part of.


If you are planning to wear your hearing aids all day long, it’s critical that you find a pair that is comfortable for you to wear. That’s why we recommend the EV1 and EV3, as they are discreet and almost invisible. They are made from a proprietary material that is perfectly shaped in order to fit inside your ear canal. We know that no two people have the same ear shapes and sizes. For that reason, there are four different tip sizes, so they can fit snuggly inside of your ear. You’ll find these to be more comfortable than larger hearing aids, which traditionally sit outside the ear and will feel more present on your head throughout the day.

 Price Point

One of the biggest concerns we hear from clients when they first need hearing amplifiers is the cost of hearing aids. You’ll find that seeing an audiologist and getting custom hearing aids can set you back thousands of dollars. The thing that most people don’t realize is that the devices don’t need to be that expensive. That’s why we recommend buying directly from a company such as Audien Hearing. We sell directly from the factory, allowing us to keep the costs as low as possible without you having to spend a fortune visiting the audiologist. Make sure you always purchase a product that fits comfortably within your budget while also offering you a long-lasting solution that you won’t have to replace too soon.

 The Right Fit for Your Ear Size

To ensure your new hearing aids are comfortable, you’ll want to play around with them when you first get them to find the right fit. Our hearing aids are one size fits all, and our money-back guarantee makes this a safe purchase for anyone. We offer different sizes of earbuds, which we recommend you try out to find the right one to fit your needs. Nearly almost all of our customers find an option that fits their ears and gives them an excellent experience from the first day of wearing their new hearing aids.

 Battery Life

For anyone who needs to wear hearing aids every day, there’s nothing more concerning than running out of battery when you are away from home. Our hearing aids offer 20 hours of battery with the Audien EV1 or 24 hours of sound with the Audien EV3. They require just one charge to reach this amount of battery, so you can just charge them overnight while you are sleeping. As they are so small, you’ll have no issue traveling with them as well. This is one of the top concerns for anyone who struggles with moderate to severe hearing loss, but with this exceptional battery life, you’ll never be caught short again in the middle of a great conversation.

 Clear Sound

Finally, the biggest concern when choosing the right hearing aids is opting for ones that give you clear and crisp sound. Both of our hearing aid options provide you with clearer hearing, which for anyone suffering from hearing loss, is critical for living a normal life. If you’ve never worn hearing aids before but are struggling to listen to family and friends, you’ll soon notice a huge difference in your overall quality of life. We highly recommend testing out our hearing aids sooner than later, as with their discreet style, you’ll find that your life changes completely. So many people resist wearing hearing aids for as long as possible, but with the modern solutions on the market today, you’ll soon find that you regain control of your life once again.

 As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when selecting a new pair of hearing aids. You’ll find that over time, you’ll enjoy a crisper and clearer listening experience, as you’ll no longer struggle to do daily tasks that felt impossible. We recommend thinking about each area we discussed above when selecting new hearing aids, as with all of these features combined, you’ll have a suitable tool to help you through your everyday life.

 For more information about our hearing aids, take a look at the Audien EV1 and EV3 on our site. You’ll see that they both offer modern hearing aid designs with clear sound to improve your quality of life. The price point of these hearing aids is much more affordable than other products on the market, making clear hearing accessible to more people than ever before this year.

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