“These hearing aids relieve the strain of hearing. With their newer digital technology, they also offer more clarity (less strain and more clear hearing)”


When you get a hearing aid, however, you should experience improved ease in listening environments such as watching television, one-on-one conversations, and so on. Sounds like clocks ticking, refrigerators, computer noise, and footsteps will seem abnormally loud when first wearing hearing aids. This is normal. Your ability to tune out these insignificant sounds will improve as your brain adjust to hearing these soft sounds. So, while choosing hearing aids, you should consider the ones with:


  • Less interference from a moderate amount of background noise

Loud background noise is still going to create a difficult listening situation, even with hearing aids. Choosing hearing aids with dual microphones is very important if this situation causes most of your struggle with hearing.


  • Comfortably snug fitting earholes

It is normal to experience some occlusion effect (your voice becomes louder) when wearing hearing aids and/or ear holes.

Hearing aids can provide much help in daily life but most of the hearing aids fail to do so. This is because when hearing aids aren't used correctly or the bad quality of hearing aid is used, there can be side effects and they can make you feel uncomfortable.


One Bridge GM902

In this case, One Bridge GM902 hearing aids are perfect because they offer:



"Unless a charge can deliver enough power to make it through the entire day, a rechargeable solution may end up causing more frustration than convenience. Hearing aid users lose their ability to communicate when they are charging, so minimal downtime is a must."

This is where OneBridge comes in. This hearing aid can be fully charged within 2 hours and can be used for up to 35 hours. By using smart charging chip, magnetic charging efficiency is great. One bridge claims that a full charge takes 2 hours, but 30 minutes of charging will provide a person with 8 hours of use.



Noise reduction and speech enhancement are standard features on most hearing aids sold today. However, if you frequently find yourself in situations with a lot of background noise, it may be worth investing in hearing aids with advanced or premium noise reduction features.

OneBridge Q2 hearing aids suppress background noise and boost speech sounds, so you can easily follow conversations. Smart chips and moving iron speakers provide a more realistic sound, which is also conducive to noise reduction.

Hearing aids that scream when worn are not a quality problem, but the earplugs we choose when wearing them are not suitable, or the wearing method is wrong. Therefore, OneBridge has upgraded the product to turn on the device 10 seconds after removing the charging compartment. So, you will have enough time to wear your hearing aid to reduce howling/acoustic echo.


  • Sound adjustment control

While this automatic technology is very successful and greatly reduces the need for a manual volume control, the technology inside the hearing aid can’t account for individual preferences or the multitude of situations one may encounter. Because of this, some individuals prefer to have a manual volume control on their hearing aid. And that's where Onebridge stands out again.

GM902 hearing aid is controlled by a smart touch screen. You can adjust the appropriate sound level according to the external environment. So, when you are in a noisy environment, you can feel the external sound by lowering the sound, and when you are in a quiet environment, you can feel the clearer world by raising the sound.


  • Invisible design

Hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid. Invisible technology is the subtlest option on the market, keeping the focus on you — not your hearing impairment.

OneBridge GM902 hearing aids are wireless and Bluetooth shape design, and the appearance is more fashionable, elegant and slender. So, wearing it in your ears has a sense of fashion, and you don’t have to worry about the awkwardness of wearing a hearing aid. It’s suitable for all kinds of occasions.




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