Rechargeable Personalized Digital Hearing Aids With App

“Technology is more advanced than ever before. However, these less priced digital hearing aids provide sound and speech processing, digital noise and wind noise reduction, and better feedback management.”

 Hearing aid technology has grown significantly in recent decades, but at their core, hearing aids have always included four fundamental components: a microphone, a processor, a receiver, and a power supply. The microphone detects sounds in your environment and sends them to the processor. The processor optimizes the signal and sends it to the receiver, which sends the amplified signal to the ear canal. The power source, or battery, runs the system.

Depending on the sophistication of the processor, hearing aid technology can be classified as advanced or basic. Even the most basic digital hearing aids available today provide significantly greater benefit than the greatest hearing aids of earlier generations.

 Onebridge W3 hearing aids Smart Personalized Digital Hearing Aids With App

Hearing aids should not restrict your ability to enjoy life; rather, they should help you in living it to the fullest. Noise cancellation, flexible settings for different environments, hours of charge and handy charging cases, easy controls, and nice appearance are all features of the top hearing amplifiers and in-ear devices.

The ONEBRIDGE W3 hearing aid has the appearance of Bluetooth in-ear headphones rather than a hearing amplifier. This hearing aid is designed for the ones who have active lifestyles, with a compact charging case, subtle in-ear look, and simple settings. Some of its advantages include:

  • Selectively amplifies sounds

Although it is not difficult to create a hearing aid that works effectively when listening to a single voice in a quiet room, the existence of background noise significantly affects things. Background noises can be extremely distracting and make it difficult to hear the voice you want to listen to. Amplifying all sounds equally doesn’t solve this problem.

Onebridge W3 Digital hearing aids can dynamically enhance sounds, allowing them to filter out background noise while amplifying the sounds you want to hear. This can make a significant difference in the wearer's quality of life. For example, allowing them to engage in conversations at parties and restaurants.

  • Reduces feedback

The high-pitched whining sound created by hearing aids is known as feedback. This happens when the hearing aid detects and amplifies its output, resulting in an extremely loud noise that drowns out other sounds. One of the most frustrating issues with traditional hearing aids has been the presence of feedback.

Feedback is no longer an issue with Onebridge W3 Digital hearing aids. When the hearing aid detects its output, it takes it out selectively and does not amplify it. This prevents the terrible high-pitched sound from emerging.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Exclusive APP

Onebridge W3 digital hearing aids can connect to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop using modern Bluetooth 5. 0 technology. This means that you may listen to music, podcasts, phone calls, and watch videos without using any other devices. This app, in addition to volume and mode control, allows you to take a hearing test and customize the sound to your hearing loss. This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.


  • Automatically adjusts the volume to the environment

The overall level of volume in the surroundings can change significantly across the day. For example, a person may leave a peaceful home or car and walk down a crowded street. The volume level of the hearing aids must be adjusted in response to the changing soundscape. With the previous generation of hearing aids, this had to be performed manually.

Onebridge W3 Digital hearing aids can detect overall noise levels and automatically adjust, eliminating the need for the wearer to mess with volume settings as they move from one area to another.


  • Improved sound quality

Anyone who has heard music on vinyl records or cassette tapes will understand that the sound quality on these traditional modalities differs from that of a CD (which is a digital format). Digital produces much sharper and precise sound. Similarly, the sound generated by a Onebridge W3 digital hearing aid is often crisper and clearer than the sound produced by a traditional analog hearing aid.


  • Rechargeable Box & Long Battery Life

The ONEBRIDGE Bluetooth hearing aids take 2 hours to charge and an 18-hour working duration for each charge. With a 550 mAH high-capacity charging case, it can charge two hearing aids three times, up to 54h working times for two hearing aids, and 108h for single aid.


  • Water-resistant

Onebridge W3 hearing aids are water-resistant. They can also help prevent damage caused by excessively oily skin or excessive earwax formation.

These water-resistant hearing aids can protect you if you live in a humid area, such as in many southern states or along the coast. If you are often near water, these water-resistant hearing aids can provide a little additional insurance in case you drop them into the water.

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