ONEBRIDGE Digital Hearing Amplifier Aids D59C

ONEBRIDGE Digital Hearing Amplifier Aids D59C


"Interestingly, these hearing aids are associated with better heart health."


What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a small electronic device that you wear in or behind your ear. It makes some sounds louder so that a person with hearing loss can listen, communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities. A hearing aid can help people hear more in both quiet and noisy situations. However, only about one out of five people who would benefit from a hearing aid actually uses one.

A hearing aid has three basic parts: a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. The hearing aid receives sound through a microphone, which converts the sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier. The amplifier increases the power of the signals and then sends them to the ear through a speaker.


How can hearing aids help?

Hearing aids are primarily useful in improving the hearing and speech comprehension of people who have hearing loss that results from damage to the small sensory cells in the inner ear, called hair cells. This type of hearing loss is called sensorineural hearing loss. The damage can occur as a result of disease, aging, or injury from noise or certain medicines.


Onebridge Digital Hearing Amplifier Aids D59C

OneBridge is one of the most well-known hearing aid brands on the market, and its Digital Hearing Amplifier Aids are an excellent choice for people with profound hearing loss who are active and on the go. It’s considered one of the top hearing aids by users, reviewers, and hearing professionals. Here are some of its features:


  • Fit and Comfort

One Bridge users enjoy the fit and comfort of this high-tech hearing aid as well as the natural sound it provides, according to dozens of online reviews. The company’s pure sound technology and sound sense gives this hearing aid an edge compared to other high-quality sounding hearing aids.



They can help improve your hearing experience, especially in noisy environments. These tech-forward hearing aids have lots of other features. They have an advanced smart chip that intelligently reduces the noise in our daily life and amplifies the voice of human speaking to ensure you can hear clearly.

The upgraded dynamic iron speaker has excellent vocal reproduction and noise reduction capabilities, which can give you the best sense of reality.



The portable magnetic charging case newly assembled lights to indicate when it is fully charged, charging, or needs charging. It only takes 2 hours to get fully charged along with 20 hours working duration. The 350 mAh large-capacity li-ion battery charging box can charge a pair of hearing aids three times, and it can be used more than 60h.



  • Five levels Volume Adjustment

Its 5 levels of volume adjustment can help you easily adapt to various occasions like outdoor sports, company meetings and telephone communication.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable

Its double-layer open ear plugs won't give you a blocked ear feeling and fit comfortably in your ear canal. These hearing aids are easy to put on and off without any issues. When you put them on properly you will never hear the annoying howling.

It’s important to note that these hearings aids are shipped directly to customers without an audiologist. So, you can place your order right now!



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