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Tifimon Hearing Aids Q2


“Their position inside the ear canal makes it easier to use telephones and headsets. The outer ear protects them, making them less likely to pick germs.”


You don’t let anything stop you — especially your hearing loss. You spend your days making the most of your time, your talents, and your life, and you need a hearing aid that does the same. These Tifimon invisible hearing aids have caused quite the stir in the hearing-technology market, and we’re here to break down what you need to know about these little guys’ big advantages.


  • Discreet

Hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid. Invisible technology is the subtlest option on the market, keeping the focus on you — not your hearing impairment.


  • Functionality

Their advanced sound processing and noise reduction help you focus on and understand conversation even in disruptive background noise.


  • Compatibility

This tech is ready for whatever listening situation you find yourself in. Have a double date? An important meeting? Simply want to relax and listen to your favourite band? These invisible aids adjust to your environment, so you can move seamlessly through your life.


  • Versatility

Tifimon invisible devices are available for almost all types of hearing loss, except for the most severe


Best invisible hearing aids for you

OneBridge's Tifimon hearing aids hearing aids respond to the world around you. Some of its other main features include:


  • Noise-cancelling

Tifimon smart and advanced digital chip contributes to double noise reduction. It also reduces background buzzing while amplifying the useful sound to ensure that you can hear clearly. It is ideal for people with severe hearing loss. You can choose the appropriate ear domes and wear them properly. When the ear domes fit properly to the ear, it can prevent sound leakage and effectively avoid whistling. That’s why it provides four pairs of ear domes.


  • Fast Charging and Ultra-long use

Tifimon rechargeable hearing amplifier can be used for both left and right ears so you will never be confused about which is the left or right hearing aid. Secondly, its advanced charging technology enables 3 hours’ full charge, 12 hours working duration. With the portable magnetic charging case, you can use a single hearing aid for 120 hours and a pair for 60 hours.


  • Easy to use

It has only one button to adjust volume so no need to use any external tools. This hearing aid can be automatically turned on when it is taken out of the charging case, and automatically turned off when it is put back in. You also can press the button for seven seconds to turn on or turn off.

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