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CIC Digital Hearing Aids Rechargeable for Seniors Blue & Red(K419)

$ 4,146.00
$ 4,146.00

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CIC Digital Hearing Aids Rechargeable for Seniors Blue & Red(K419)

8 volume levels

Eight adjustable volumes can be well adapted to your environment, ensuring that you can hear clearly in different scenarios without missing a word. It is suitable for most mild to moderate hearing loss people.


K419 is small and lightweight, you can wear them all day without any pain in your ear. Discreet design, completely-in-Canal, great for people wearing glasses or masks. Lying in your ears, nearly invisible, no one will notice them.

What can you hear when you wear the K419 hearing aid?
K419 allows your hearing to pick up sound from all directions, you can hear loud, clear, and natural sounds, help hearing loss people back to normal life.


One-button switch, no extra tool adjustment, which is convenient for the elderly to learn onebridge and use it quickly. Short press the button to adjust the sound you like, long press to switch on/off.


3 hours fast charging for more than 15-20hours use. the magnetic charging station can power two hearing aids three times. Put the portable charging case in your pocket, the hearing aids can charing any time where ever you go 

Free Lifetime Support

Your shopping experience is our hightest priority. Whenever you have any questions, our dedicated hearing aid specialists is here to assist you every step of the way. Our motivation is to provide you not only the best affordable hearing aids, but also the best after-sale services.

How Does Onebridge Hearing Aids Compare to Traditional Expensive Hearing Aids that Cost Thousands of Dollars?

"We cut off middle man and long appointment", Jason Gu, the founder of Onebridge said, "We are born to change the game, our goal is to craft affordable medical-grade hearing aids". Since 2017, Onebridge team have been dedicated to working direct with hearing aids manufacture and audiologists to design the best hearing aids while eliminating unnecessary costs. As a result, our hearing aids fit most Americans that output cristal clear sound without feedbacks and other noise. We are proud that all of our hearing aids are FDA-registered which means you can trust Onebridge quality.  Over 1 million happy customers has enjoyed our product, what are you waiting for?


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