• Just got my hearing aid but can't turn it on, why?

Maybe the hearing aid is out of power,you can charge it for a while and try again.If you are not sure how to use it, you can refer to the instruction manual.

  • Is the price for single hearing aid or a pair?

As shown in the first picture of the product,the single hearing aids you will seen just one in the picture. Most of our products are available as a pair of hearing aids.

  • How do I return them and get my refund?

If you have any questions or need help about our product, please feel free to contact us,we will try our best to help you. About how to return the product, our customer service will send you the return address and you need to return it.We will refund you after you send us your tracking number.

  • How to deal with whistling?

At present, hearing aids on the market all have whistling. If you wear and use them correctly, the whistling will be greatly reduced. There will be a small echo hole on the hearing aid. Do not block it, and do not place the hearing aid in a small closed space.

  • Are the hearing aids suitable for children and the elderly?

Hearing aids can amplify sound to help you hear more clear, but cannot treat deafness. If you have special requirements for hearing, you need to go to the hospital for testing and customize hearing aids that suit you.

  • I accidentally lost my left hearing aid and can't find it. Can I just buy one left hearing aid?

Most of our hearing aids are sold in pairs and not individually. If necessary, you may consider purchasing our single hearing aid products.

  • Is it fast shipping? How long will it take to ship?

After successfully placing an order, the delivery will be arranged within two days, and the local suitable logistics will be selected according to the delivery location. You can ask the customer service about the product logistics status.

  • How long can I get my order ?

Depending on the delivery address, it usually takes 3-7 days.

  • Does it have Bluetooth ?

Some of our products can support Bluetooth function. If you are not sure about the product introduction, you can contact customer service for help

AnswerYes it is.

AnswerPlease make sure that you follow below steps:

1/ Download the package from your account (the file is in zip format)

2/ Extract the file you've just downloaded.

3/ Find this file: spark-1.0.0-sections-ready.zip in the folder Spark Sections Ready 1.0.0, then you just need to upload spark-1.0.0-sections-ready.zip file to your Shopify store.


To save your time and reach our support quickly, please follow below steps:

1/ Create a staff account for us (with Themes permission and Settings permission) http://docs.shopify.com/manual/settings/account/staff-members

2/ Capture screenshot or video for the issue you get.

3/ Specify which template and version you are using.

4/ Describe clearly how to reproduce the issue.

5/ Send all information (staff account, screenshot, video, template name and version, description of the issues, link) to support@halothemes.com


Yes, we will assist you to install the template if needed


Yes, we do. Please send your customisation requests to support@halothemes.com, we will give you our quote. Thank you.


Yes. You can turn on/off the animation in the Setting page.


Yes. You can turn on/off almost any blocks on the page (featured products, slideshow, banners, related products, recent products,...).


Yes, we have a setting for you to switch between these two options: Display on Hover and Display on Click.


The theme package includes theme source, Photoshop design files, sample data and manual guide.


That is not a problem. You just need to modify the width/height ratio in theme settings.

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