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Best Hearing Aids Under $100 in 2022 

Hearing aids are a ray of sunshine for those with hearing impairment. Apart from improving hearing loss, they also enhance self-image and improve self-confidence. Hearing aids enhance the general quality of life for people experiencing hearing loss by improving communicative function.

The list of benefits they offer is endless, but the bottom line is that purchasing a hearing aid is worth the investment. However, expensive price tags can scare people away from purchasing hearing aids even if needed. This doesn't have to be the case; at OneBridge solutions, you can find a wide selection of quality and affordable hearing aids for under $100.  

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids rely on basic components to carry and amplify sound from your surrounding environment into the ear. Hearing aids are powered by a rechargeable battery or a conventional aid battery.  

Hearing aids have a computer chip that analyzes and converts sounds from the environment into digital code. The digital code is converted into sound, after which the sound is adjusted depending on your hearing loss level, the sound level in your environment, and your listening needs. Finally, the sound is delivered into your ears via a speaker. 

The market has a host of hearing aids, making it hard to decide which best suits your needs. That is why we have compiled a comprehensive list for you to choose from some of the best hearing aids under $100. 

GM25 Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier Featuring Noise Cancelling ($99.99)

The GM25 model allows you to connect better with your friends, loved ones, and people around you. It enables people with hearing loss to participate in pleasant and lasting conversations, and it's great for mild or moderate hearing loss. The GM25 hearing amplifier assists in everyday discourse and our hearing devices for older adults assist in watching TV, on the phone, in everyday speech, watching tv, talking over the phone, and more. 

It is rechargeable, meaning you can avoid the expenses of purchasing batteries every time it's down. The charging case takes less than 4 hours and outputs 5 complete charges that can last for about 15 hours each. 

The device has an intelligent computer chip with enhanced features that help reduce static, feedback, and echoing. The hearing aid has eight-volume settings, including a basic mode for everyday conversation and an advanced option for noisy surroundings. This intelligent chip separates sounds into several channel frequencies, considerably enhancing feedback, processing, suppression, and noise cancellation. 

 ITC Hearing Aids for Seniors Rechargeable Digital In The Canal Hearing Aids ($89.99)

 With this ITC hearing aids, you will never miss a word. This hearing aid has advanced digital smart chip technology, including digital noise cancellation. You will be able to hear desired conversations and sounds more profoundly to grasp what is being spoken and enjoy life again.

You'll adore how everything sounds crystal clear right away. The hearing aid is ready and easy to use since it does not require assembly. Also, the dials are precisely placed for easy access, making it easier for senior members to use.

It features a rechargeable battery that lasts 60 hours, meaning you never have to worry about purchasing batteries. You will not need to change batteries, especially during a conversation. You can place it on a charger while you sleep and not worry about finishing power during the day. The ITC model is also light, compact and comfortable, meaning you can wear it for a long time.

Onebridge Basic Hearing Amplifier, Min Affordable Hearing Device ($59.99)

This mini model features three different sizes of earplugs to choose from. The device is powered by a replaceable battery lasting more than 16 hours. The batteries are easily replaceable; you have to flip open the battery cover and switch it to a new one. Its compact design and size allow it to stay inconspicuous, which can come in handy for people with confidence issues.

It's easy to use, with all the dials placed perfectly to allow easy access. The icing on the cake is that this hearing amplifier is affordable; you don't need to break the bank to own one of it.

Benefits of Using Hearing Aids 

Improves relationships 

 The ability to sustain healthy relationships may be hampered by hearing loss. It is more difficult to speak clearly when you have hearing loss, which could result in needless disputes between you and your partner. Hearing aids will allow you to wholesomely participate in the conversation, which will significantly impact your relationships for the better.

Promotes independence 

For those with severe hearing loss, independent living is challenging. Driving is hazardous if you have hearing issues. This implies that you will depend on others to get where you need to go. This is one of the few things from a long list of limitations that people with hearing loss can't do on their own. However, hearing aids will allow you to function independently again and boost your confidence.

Improves work performance

 Reduced work performance in some cases can be attributed to hearing loss. People are more prone to make mistakes when they can't listen to instructions clearly, and if their performance is significantly hampered, they can be considered unfit for employment. People with hearing loss find it particularly challenging to hold any work that frequently requires conversing on the phone.

According to studies, those with hearing loss are much more likely to decline their income. However, the income loss is minimized by up to 90% if you wear hearing aids.

 Reduces tinnitus symptoms 

 A buzzing or clicking noise in the ears is a relatively common symptom of tinnitus. In addition to making, it difficult to concentrate, it also makes it challenging to fall asleep. If you have both tinnitus and hearing loss, you must address both since they impact how well you function at work. An audiologist might equip you with hearing devices that assist in managing your tinnitus symptoms even though your hearing loss has not yet manifested.

Lower risk of cognitive decline

The parts of the brain involved in speech comprehension can deteriorate for those with untreated hearing loss. This increases your risk of cognitive impairment and affects your capacity to comprehend others around you.


 The benefits of hearing aids are more bountiful than what can be expressed in this article; however, large prices deter those who need hearing aids/amplifiers from accessing them. OneBridge solution offers a variety of hearing aids, including some of the best hearing aids under $100.

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