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2022 Últimos domos para los oídos Audífonos Power Domes Reducción de ruido Doble capa 2 juegos (XS,S,M,L,XL) (aplicable a todos los modelos)

$ 521.00
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Características Reducción de ruido: los domos de potencia LOFIR son los más oclusivos y se utilizan para personas con más pérdida auditiva. Los domos...
Onebridge J307 Pro Hearing Aids Rechargeable with 16 channel and Latest Technology, Water-resistant, Support Wireless and Type-C Charging(J307) ONEBRIDGE

Audífonos Onebridge J307 Pro recargables con 16 canales y última tecnología, resistentes al agua, compatibles con carga inalámbrica y tipo C

$ 43,362.00 $ 8,656.00
Audífono Audífonos RIC J307 +ALLDoems 10% de descuento Nuevo lanzamiento Productos recomendados (Segundo) Todos los productos
¿Qué diferencia al audífono Onebridge Pro? No más ruido de fondo: el smart Onebridge Pro tiene función de control de tinnitus.  Solo amplifica el sonido que...

OneBridge RIC Hearing Aids

One of the things many people find hard to do is pick the right hearing aids. The receiver in ear canal hearing aid does not get as much attention as the other types in the market. As such, most people confuse the RIC hearing aids with the other hearing aids on the market. If you are considering getting hearing aids, you should consider the receiver in canal hearing aids because of the perks they come with.

One of the things you will realize with these hearing aids is that they are more accurate with sound quality. Since the receiver is outside, you can get whatever the other person says. It also has great amplification, so you do not have to worry about not heating well. You may also get one with Bluetooth function which bring more convenience to your life.

RIC hearing aids are also very discreet, so people rarely notice you have them on. They are perfect for situations where you do not want to discuss your hearing issues. Check out our website and see if there is any hearing aid device you like and can use. It will ensure you end up with a device that works for you.

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