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Onebridge J307 Pro Hearing Aids Rechargeable with 16 channel and Latest Technology, Water-resistant, Support Wireless and Type-C Charging(J307)

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Onebridge J307 Pro Hearing Aids Rechargeable with 16 channel and Latest Technology, Water-resistant, Support Wireless and Type-C Charging(J307)

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$2,499.95 $499.00

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What Differentiate Onebridge Pro Hearing Aid?

  • No more background noise: the smart Onebridge Pro has tinnitus control function. It only amplifies the sound you want to hear while eliminating all of background noise 
  • IP65 water proof: You will enjoy work out at gym or outdoor sports with our hearing aids without worrying about breaking the device
  • Easy Customization: Onebridge Pro built in 3 hearing modes and 8 volume- level adjustment to make sure it fits everybody

Desigend by Audiologists

Onebridge Pro is designed by 20+ year-experienced audiologists to fit most Americans. It is light-weighted, super comfortable and portable with the charging case.

Advanced Speech isolation Technology
Our AI chip is parallelled with noise reduction, directionality and latest speech-target-isolate technology. It enables Onebridge Pro to target speech and amplify the dominant speaker over all other sounds anywhere.


Life Gets Better with Onebridge Pro

  • Video Call: connect with your friends and family on the other end of the call without any issues or interference
  • Watch TV: enjoy TV shows again with everyone instead of having to turn up the volume 
  • Daily Conversation: With Onebridge Pro hearing aids, you can easily enjoy conversations. You no longer need to ask people to repeat the words or pretend you heard them
  • Noisy Environment: Our advanced noise filtering tehcnology make you hear better in noisy space such as  outdoor sports, churches, restaurants, football games and so on

Two charging options

Our high-capacity charging case is designed to support both wireless charging and Type-c charging. The rechargeable charging box can be fully charged in 3-4 hours, can charge the hearing aid at least three times. The hearing aids enable 2-3h fast charging, 30-40h working time, with the portable charging box, you can use your hearing aids for at least 5 days.

 Free Lifetime Support

Whenever you have any questions, our dedicated hearing aid specialists is here to assist you every step of the way. Our motivation is to provide you not only the best affordable hearing aids, but also the best after-sale services.

How Does Onebridge Hearing Aids Compare to Traditional Expensive Hearing Aids that Cost Thousands of Dollars?

"We cut off middle man and long appointment", Jason Gu, the founder of Onebridge said, "We are born to change the game, our goal is to craft affordable medical-grade hearing aids". Since 2017, Onebridge team have been dedicated to working direct with hearing aids manufacture and audiologists to design the best hearing aids while eliminating unnecessary costs. As a result, our hearing aids fit most Americans that output cristal clear sound without feedbacks and other noise. We are proud that all of our hearing aids are FDA-registered which means you can trust Onebridge quality.  Over 1 million happy customers has enjoyed our product, what are you waiting for?



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Not really, here is two common suggestion to avoid unexpected feedbacks. 1. Choose the right ear dome that fit your ear canal. 2. Put the hearing aids on before turning them on
Yes,there are accessories available on our website.
We offer cleaning tools in hearing aids package, or you can order the replacement parts on our website
No, our products are not for use by anyone under 18
Hearing amplifier can amplify all kinds of sounds in the surrounding environment, so as to hear greater sounds. They do not require a prescription and are priced on budget. Hearing aids are used to help deaf people hear clearly. It can reduce background noise and enhance high-frequency hearing. The price of hearing aids is slightly higher.
Depending on the delivery address, it usually takes 3-7 days
We use either USPS priority or UPS ground to ship your package. It take 3-5 business days to deliver it on average.
Most of our hearing aids are sold in pairs and not individually. If necessary, you may consider purchasing our single hearing aid products
Hearing aids can amplify sound to help you hear more clear, but cannot treat deafness. If you have special requirements for hearing, you need to go to the hospital for testing and customize hearing aids that suit you.
At present, hearing aids on the market all have whistling. If you wear and use them correctly, the whistling will be greatly reduced. There will be a small echo hole on the hearing aid. Do not block it, and do not place the hearing aid in a small closed space.
If you have any questions or need help about our product, please feel free to contact us,we will try our best to help you. About how to return the product, our customer service will send you the return address and you need to return it.We will refund you after you send us your tracking number and the warehouse has received your package.
As shown in the first picture of the product,the single hearing aids you will seen just one in the picture. Most of our products are available as a pair of hearing aids
Maybe the hearing aid is out of power,you can charge it for a while and try again.If you are not sure how to use it, you can refer to the instruction manual

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